Theodore Logan

No AKAs to speak of...


Theodore Logan is a tall (6’-something) bald French-Italian with a small soul-patch of light brown hair, and a moustache made of pen-ink. He is the brother of Frank Catchamann (deceased). His head is about 2/3rds the size you’d expect it, and his shoulders massively overshadow his neck. He looks to be about 35, but you can’t be certain.

Theodore wears a green suit jacket, and a stripped white and red tie. He wears brown loafers, and light grey corduroy pants.

Theodore has a habit of being absolutely insane – thinking up convoluted and otherwise unwise plans at the best of times, and running in head first, teeth out, God-Mop raised at the worst.


Theodore used to be a Clown Car Mechanic, but got fired for not being serious enough on the job. For some reason, the Company decided to hire him afterwards, whilst he was coming down from a full-blown insect addiction.

Theodore has proven to be the enemy of the Internal Affairs department – such as by planting stable-blood bombs in wheely chairs.

In all, Theodore is a narcissist with schizophrenic delusions and socio/psychopathic tendencies bordering on utterly, dangerously, unstable. He also has a messiah complex – whether founded or not.

Theodore Logan

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