Yuri Makarov

Yuri is Comrade, yes?


Yuri is a large Russian Man who works for coin, yes?

It has become apparent that both He and Boris Makarov (Unrelated) speak with stereotypical Russian accents but are intentionally hamming it up.


First Encounter:
Yuri was first encountered by Hito in the Interdimentional portals Department.

He has since been encountered on various occasions doing all manner of jobs, for all manner of clients, usually involving demolitions or Murder, but in his own words ‘is no Matter’

Despite the nature of the jobs and situations he often finds himself he is relatively untouched, whether this is because he is resistant to change or simply murders any actual threat.

Yuri is Amicable to the Internal Affairs Department
Yuri is Available to Be an Ally of the Internal Affairs Deprtment

Yuri Makarov

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