Eternal Affairs

Previous Adventures In Eternal Affairs
A quick Summary of Events

Welcome to Eternal Affairs, the Game where Life does not matter and death is inevitable.

This is a quick Summary of the Current Events occurring and leading up to the Current state of the game.

Initially the characters were interviewed by a Robed individual who projected a sinister Aura of Menace. Shortly after starting their group interview he left and the players were greeted by the CEO of the Company.
GoodRidge as the man became known, Died Over 50 years prior to the current events, however due to extensive clairvoyance and a range of video recordings he is still running the company even now. He advised that the interviewer was not an employee of the Building as he personally knows all his employees. He then drafted the Characters as a ‘interview/test of sorts’ to find out who the man was and apprehend him.

The characters succeeded and were assigned to the newly reformed Internal Affairs Department. There has been no comment on what happened to the old Internal Affairs department.

They were given the Overall Goal of Investigating Cult Activity within the Corporation as well as specific goals when they arise.

The missions afterwards are as follows:
Internal Affairs Investigates A drastic increase in Cult activity, Is ultimately unsuccessful as while they find a lot of evidence, a cult manages to stage a massive terrorist attack on large sections of their building

Following this Setback they Investigated the International portals department, Due to various reasons and interference from multiple cults the Department is horribly damaged and most of the portals are shut down before a large section of the catwalks Fall apart.
Richard also may or may not have destroyed the Nation of Sweden.

It was not all for naught as information gathered from the events lead to the mail room for a smuggling ring allegedly had been supplying the cults in question with contraband goods.
Unfortunately during the investigation the mail-room erupted in to all out conflict as three cults started a firefight across the office. Internal Affairs was initially successful at capturing the ringleader before he escaped in the resulting war-zone. The cults ultimately lost when an INTSEC assault team was called in to put down the conflict.

Internal Affairs was then provided Two more leads to investigate: The suspected Sabotage of the Ghost Department and A shapeshifter which was hunting Managers. The Group Successfully hunted down the shapeshifter and managed to kill it without any managers dying, however irreparable damage was caused to some of the intricate workings of the ghost department and ghosts have now been regularly appearing in other departments.

A Mission was then passed on to investigate the Internal Security Department: INTSEC, The Group was once again successful in finding Cult activity from multiple Cults, however a sudden upheaval occurred when some cults launched simultaneous strikes on different INTSEC sections, it is currently unknown what consequences this has had as the department has had a massive upgrade of security since the events.


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