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  • Internal Security

    Internal Security, more commonly known as INTSEC is the primary defense force of the company, dealing with the threats that arise from within the building. There are Five Main Subsections to this force. In order of danger. * [[Internal Security Guards …

  • Internal Affairs

    The Internal Affairs Department is the Department that the Player Characters work for. Under somewhat direct orders of CEO Goodridge to investigate and Deal with any Cult activity.

  • Department List

    This is a List of Known and Visited Departments. * [[Internal Affairs | Internal Affairs]] * [[Internal Security | Internal Security]] * Administration * Reception * Human Relations * Mailroom * Procurement * IT department * Personal Development …

  • Reception

    Reception is located in the Lobby of the building, in a large ornate hall made of white marble The reception department itself is a large desk that covers almost the entirety of one of the walls, they occasionally have the door to the Administration …