Plot Lines and Current Investigations

Below is a list of Currently active Plot-lines

Not Manager Material: Investigate The Fake Managers

  • You managed to retrieve a folder with a list of managers who where never hired by the company.
  • You recently came across an eldritch shape-shifting entity which seems to be hunting managers, it was disposed of.

He Who Dealt it: Investigate and Apprehend those responsible for bombing the Building

  • Explosives were brought in from Russia via Intercontinental portals
  • The People involved seem to be a lot more organized and Professional, the one prisoner you had attempted suicide via cyanide capsule


  • There seems to have been a major upheaval of the INTSEC department
  • Steve has seemed on Edge regarding this

Current General Goals:
Investigate ITGU
Investigate COTB
Investigate Goffs
Investigate Rad Cult
Investigate Yuri and Boris
Investigate the Professor
Investigate Lauren

Secondary Goals of Internal Affairs:

  1. Recruit More Employees for the Office
  2. Leave a visited department in a equal or better state than you found (ie: not demolished)
  3. don’t piss off INTSEC

Plot Lines and Current Investigations

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