Rules Of play


  1. You have a situation
  2. Resolve/Escalate/investigate: Roll on a Skill
  3. Modify Roll or Add Specialty
  4. If situation is not resolved, Repeat

You advise the GM of what skill you are using to resolve, investigate or escalate the situation (you may also ask the GM what skill you may roll for a proposed outcome)

_NOTE: Any skill under Normality, Occult or Super-science are multi-use and can be used as Perception, Investigation or Performing that Skill. Using these skills instead of your Basic skills will provide you more accurate information _

If you roll UNDER your stat/skill you succeed.
Natural 1’s always succeed in a fashion
Natural 20’s always fail in a fashion
Neither can be modified by perversity to outright fail / succeed.

After rolling payers may improve their roll by spending perversity points, other players may also spend perversity to hinder or help your roll.

  • perversity points become XP after use
  • If used on yourself if gives you 1Xp per point used
  • if used on someone else it rewards 2xp per use
  • perversity can be used in blocks of 1, 2, 5, 10, then in increments of 5pts
  • you may only use perversity once per roll
  • You Gain perversity from various Methods mentioned in Advancement

Narrow Specialty
At any point you may Gain a Narrow specialty, for an instant 6 point bonus for that specific situation.

Dues ex machina
Spend 50 perversity and you may declare a dues ex machina for a specific result, (Can be vetoed by the GM) as you break reality.

Cult Assistance
Your cult is amicable towards you, helping them means they will help you, you can ask for assistance by contacting known members (or calling the cult helpline). However just because you have the same goals does not mean you will not back-stab or throw another member under the bus for your benefit.

Each cult has abilities and bonuses, some have negative effects some have positive effects, you will not always have skills that benefit your cult mission and sometimes will have skills or powers that go against the Cult outright.

Any rolls for cult assistance are modified by AUTHORITY. Even with good rolls the cult may not be able to assist you directly.

Rules Of play

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