Company Credit
You Use Company Credit (XP) to advance your skills and Stats
To gain XP you must use Perversity Points. See Rules of Play

  • If used on yourself if gives you 1Xp per point Spent
  • if used on someone else it rewards 2xp per point spent
  • perversity can be used in blocks of 1, 5, 10, then in increments of 5pts
  • you may only use perversity once per roll

Spending Company Credit
Increase Stat = 10xNew Level
To increase john’s management to 9 he must spend 90 points

Increased Specialty rating = 10 per point (Cannot go above basic skill cost)
John wishes to increase his Con games skill to 10, he must increase management to 10 before he can spend the 10 points to increase it.

New specialty= 40 points. Starts at Basic Skill + 4
John spent 40 points to immediately increase Con Games to 13 instead

Extra Narrow Spec points = 40 per.
John ran out of narrow specialty points so he purchased another

New secret skills: 40, 60 or 80 per skill on type.
Cost depends on the skill, starts at rating 6 or 10

Power Identification:
NOT YET UNLOCKED: investigate the Professor or Will Zard

Power Acceleration
Spend 100 XP to accelerate your Power

Gaining Additional Perversity
There are multiple Methods to gain perversity, both in game and Out.

  • Out of game Notes and Updates to Obsidian portal
  • Artwork
  • GM bribery
  • Playing your characters Tics appropriately
  • Exceptionally Funny/good roleplay
  • Completing Goals In game
  • 30p at the start of a session
  • 10p at intervals within the session (Start of Scenes)
  • Interesting Solutions to Problems in Game (Murder is not one)


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