Character Generation

Character Generation Process
Name and Gender
Choose them

You have 6 Stats, Management, Stealth, Violence, Occult, Super-science and Normality
For Each: roll a D20 and half the result, Rounding up.
If a Result is Under 4, the Result becomes 4.
If your stats combined are less than 40 you can allocate extra point until you have 40 points of stats total.

Previous occupation
Choose your previous occupation, choose a somewhat related skill to add a free common specialization (+4 to rating)

Common Specialties & Weaknesses:
Choose Up to Six Common Specialties,
For each specialty you choose you must choose a weakness under that Same Stat.
A Common specialty increases that Skill rating by 4.
A Common Weakness Reduces that skill rating TO 1
For instance, John has 8 management, a specialty in Bootlicking will make his Bootlicking 12, but his chutzpah is now 1.

Narrow Specialties
You Start with 6 spec Points
At any point you may choose to have a Narrow Specialty in a chosen field, this will give you a 6 point bonus in that chosen situation.

John Chose to have the narrow specialty ‘Eating Cake while no-one is looking’ at character generation. During play he chose to add the additional specialization ‘closing portals to demon infested Australia’

Roll a D20, tell the result to the Game Master who will check the Cult table and assign you a cult, the GM may tell you to re-roll if the cult is overpopulated by players.
You may then roll an additional 2 D20’s to have different Secret Skills or just take the ones you cult is known For.

You start with 25 Perversity (P)
For each tic or trait you choose you gain an additional 10 P.

John Choose the Tics ‘Hates Clowns’ and ‘kleptomaniac’, his GM should reward him for playing these tics with additional perversity during play

Every Character starts with
Shirt and Tie

You may have additional gear from your old position and anything your GM allows.

There are two secret stats
Power relates to Special Abilities you may gain during Play
Authority is you Pull within your organizations, and how likely they will assist you.
YOU WILL NOT KNOW THESE STATS, they are increased and decreased by play and are solely for GM use.

Character Generation

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